2022 Power Rankings: Week 1

  1. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (Jimmy Campbell; 1-0): Justin Jefferson just absolutely buried the Packers, and while he was at it, buried Greg as well. The rest of Jimmy’s team more-or-less did what they were supposed to, and Jefferson has put him head and shoulders above the rest after week 1.

2. Fantasy Football Team (Steve Katz; 1-0): Barkley showing that he may be returning to elite status was key to Steve opening the season with a win, and it helps when you get some key performances from your WRs as well. I knew there was a reason I liked this lineup, and after week 1, I’ve been proven right – thus far.

3. Hurts So Good (Johnathan Maxson; 1-0): Johnathan squeaked out a win against our commissioner with a margin of victory of 0.5 points. After MNF, if Courtland Sutton had one less reception or 6 less receiving yards, this would be a completely different story for Johnathan. P.S. The Antonio Gibson pick is looking much better.