2023 Week 1 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (1-0; Nick Calabrese): Week 1 is usually a little…weird, and I think the general performance of the league in week 1 speaks to that – but not for Mr. Calabrase. Nick’s squad came out swinging and was only looking for knockouts, and boy, did they get one. If Nick started the Dallas D/ST, it would have been overkill.

2. West Chester Horn Dogs (1-0; John Williams): Only one other team did not have a disappointing week 1 (from a PF, perspective), and that was our Commissioner John Williams. Not only did he drop a monster performance in week 1, but he bent Craig over and gave him some week 1 medicine. Welcome to the 2023 season, boys.

3. Return of the Revved Up Gator (1-0; Greg Flohs): I think we need a new record in the BFL record books – because I think we just established a new one: Most sub-100 point victories in a single week. Greg opens this new record with a 94pt victory over Sean. 1OA pick Justin Jefferson along with Patrick Mahomes dragged Greg to victory. Greg, please thank Leighton for drafting your first pick so wisely for you.

4. My Name’s Not Rick (1-0; Pat Masur): This is weird? Pat won a game? In the first week? What must Pat be feeling – happiness? It’s so warm. Stefon Diggs swept Pat up in his arms and carried him like Spiderman swinging through the streets of New York City with Mary Jane. In even more good news for Pat, his bench showed a glimpse of strength in week 1 as well that would be scary for the rest of the league if it continues.

5. The Bonkers (1-0; Anthony DiMinno): Ant could be happy about at least one thing this weekend, and that was his BFL victory – we definitely won’t talk about the other thing that happened on Sunday Night. You know – the Giants losing at home 40-0 to the Cowboys, and Daniel Jones throwing 2 INTs and no TDs – definitely not going to talk about that. Anyways, getting some solid performances from Brown, Olave and Lawrence coupled with Tee Higgins getting a nothing-burger allowed Ant’s squad to coast to a week 1 win.

6. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (1-0; Jimmy Campbell): Jimmy better pray to several deities that CMC stays healthy this year, because this will probably not be the only week he carries Jimmy’s squad across the finish line of victory. All that being said, there’s definitely room for improvement in this squad and week 1 was just weird across the board for all teams. On to week 2 against Greg.

7. Fantasy Football Team (0-1; Steve Katz): Another potential record for the BFL record books: Fewest teams with more than 100pts in a given week. Somewhat fortunately for Steve, he can be part of that record, but the unfortunate part: he played lesser against one of the only other two 100+pt teams in week 1. Nevertheless, I think Steve bounces back this week against Josh’s group.

8. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (0-1; Evan Clayton): Time passes, seasons change, and Evan stumbles out of the gate to start the season. Now I’m not sure exactly how often this has happened, but Evan’s team typically starts the year as the tortoise, and then ends it as the hare. The pattern starts again as victory slipped between his fingers as Diggs swooped in for Pat’s squad on MNF. On to the next, Evan, it’s a long season.

9 .Kirk Island (0-1; Sean Washington): Unlike some others in week 1, where their performance was carried by 1-2 players, Sean’s group just kind of performed mediocrely across the board. Najee Harris is the only one that stands out as an underperformer, but other than that combined mediocrity leads to poor performance and an ‘L’. Sean looks to lowly Craig in week 2 to get back to .500.

10. Sparta Waffle Eaters (0-1; Josh Tucci): Benching Mike Evans most likely caused Josh to fall in week 1 – but then again – any of McKinnon, Cooper or Waller could be blamed as Josh was edged out by Jimmy by under two points. Let’s see how the 0 QB strategy continues to work for Josh (Russel Wilson doesn’t count) as he looks to Steve’s team in week 2.

11.Team Maxson (0-1; Johnathan Maxson): John is really hoping that this week 1 was just a fluke, because on paper, this group looks reallllll solid. If this group falls to Pat in week 2 with not much to show for it, there may be a “Come to Jesus” moment early in the season for this team.

12. The Price is Wrong B***** (0-1; Craig Stalowski): Like Johnathan above him, this team should have punched so much higher than what was seen in week 1. It’s a long season, Craig, I would just chalk this up as weirdness and hopefully your worst week of the season is behind you – and if not – I’d bring your own maple syrup to Waffle House next year.