2023 Week 2 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (2-0; Nick Calabrese): Nick sees himself atop of the rankings after two short weeks, and with a couple key performances and D’Andre Swift rotting on Evan’s bench – Nick was able to coast to another victory. Up next: an early juggernaut matchup against Commissioner John.

2. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (2-0; Jimmy Campbell): You name it – and it probably went right for Jimmy in week 2. Cam Akers out and Kyren Williams in? Yep. Bucs Defense running through Chicago? Check. Daniel Jones looking competent? Oh, you bet. Does Jimmy’s team play like this again in week 3? Tough to say, these weeks are usually among your best. On to week 3 against JMax to try to remain undefeated.

3. West Chester Horn Dogs (1-1; John Williams): Our commissioner clearly felt left out in the league-wide mediocrity in week 1, and thus had to make up for it in week 2. He really went all in by starting the Giants Defense….*damn, and I said I wouldn’t mention the Giants this week*. In any event, John needs to turn it around for week 3 against a surging Calabrese.

4. The Bonkers (2-0; Anthony DiMinno): Mediocre two weeks in a row with two victories? Ant should change his team’s name to “C’s Get Degrees” cause that is the spirit of this team to start the season. Someone please trade him CeeDee Lamb, and this will work beautifully. I don’t think this mediocrity will carry Ant much further with Steve coming up in week 3.

5. Team Maxson (1-1; Johnathan Maxson): Man, Johnathan went from one of the worst teams in week 1 to the best performing one in week 2, and he did not take it easy on Pat; beating him by a whopping 62 points. He could’ve benched Tee Higgins and Hurts, and still won by almost 10 points. Let’s see if there is consistency with this team – or more boom-or-bust.

6. Fantasy Football Team (1-1; Steve Katz): Steve’s team made sure not to miss the mark this week, and thankfully were not paired against a few other powerful teams this week. This group got something they could handle, and gave it their all. Now let’s see if a streak can be put together against Ant in week 3.

7. Return of the Revved Up Gator (1-1; Greg Flohs): All in all – Greg’s team played rather well, it’s just unfortunate to run into one of the best teams of the week. If I were Greg, I would just shake this one off, chalk up the L, and move on to week 3 against lowly Sean.

8. The Price is Wrong B***** (1-1; Craig Stalowski): Like Johnathan on this list, Craig had a hell of a rebound in week 2, and he just absolutely crushed Sean. But just as things can quickly go well, they can quickly turn sour as Barley will be sidelined for a little bit. This may keep Craig down here for the next few weeks – unless the rest of his team can pick up the slack.

9. My Name’s Not Rick (1-1; Pat Masur): Kupp still on IR, Chubb’s leg destroyed, Meyers and Jones out, and Zay Jones giving a nothing burger. Pretty much everything could go wrong for Pat in week 2 – went wrong. How original for Pat. In classic Pat fashion, there’s an important game to keep himself from falling further into a hole against Tucci this week – who has a chance to go 0-3.

10. Sparta Waffle Eaters (0-2; Josh Tucci): Josh had a decent week with his group, but with a couple underperformers, he fell just short from getting into the win column against Steve. Tucci finds himself in the unfortunate possibility of falling 0-3 to start the year, but to his luck, Pat has no luck when it comes to this league. A golden opportunity comes in week 3, hopefully he does not squander it.

11. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (0-2; Evan Clayton): Evan brings his record to the start of an unfortunate streak. If only you started Swift, this would be an entirely different story. Perhaps a situation you look back on at the end of the season – whether it be playoffs or punishment. A chance to start turn things around in week 3 against Craig. Let’s see if Evan continues his traditional first half woes.

12. Kirk Island (0-2; Sean Washington): Just like Justin Fields in Chicago, things are turning sour for Sean early in the year. Starting 0-2 is tough but starting 0-3 starts to build a steep hill to climb for the rest of the season. It’s shit or get off the pot this week for Sean’s team.