2023 Week 3 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (3-0; Nick Calabrese): After 3 weeks there is only one undefeated team remaining in the BFL – managed by Mr. Calabrase. With Miami putting up 70 and Taylor Swift in the stands for Travis Kelce, there was no reason for Nick’s group to falter – not even the Cowboys D/ST could sabotage Nick. Nick looks to extend his streak to 4 against Steve this week.

2. Return of the Revved Up Gator (2-1; Greg Flohs): Fun fact: My father-in-law goes to a Vikings game annually in Minnesota; he has gone since 2000 and this was the only second game the Vikings lost in his presence since then. Nevertheless, the Vikings players put up solid numbers in week 3. Fortunately, for Greg he had two of those players and skated to an easy win over Sean. For bettors and fantasy managers alike, always play the Vikes hard when Mike LoBosco is in the stands.

3. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (1-2; Evan Clayton): Let’s be fair here: Evan is only this high cause he’s the division leader in a division that is full of 1-2 records, but on the other hand, he absolutely BACKHANDED Craig’s team in week 3. On top of that, it’s not even that Craig’s group played that bad, Evan’s team was just that good. Better news for Evan, Chase seems to be back to his old self, and the combo of Allen and Herbert went off. Let’s see if there is momentum off this performance or if it’s just a fluke.

4. Fantasy Football Team (2-1; Steve Katz): Walker, Deebo and Deshaun propelled Steve just enough to edge out Ant’s team. Like every year it seems like, Steve’s team looks rock solid and I think things only get better for him as the season goes on. But it’s not met without immediate challenge as his squad looks to an undefeated Nick in week 4.

5. Team Maxson (2-1; Johnathan Maxson): Like a couple of other teams in the league, Johnathan was a benefit recipient of the Miami Dolphins thumping the Denver Broncos 70-20, and Mostert just delivered a mammoth performance of 45 points on his own. This highlight really made Johnathan’s team look pretty good all things considered, and it was an easy drive-by against Jimmy to boot. Johnathan squares off against (somehow) Montana Division leader Evan in week 4.

6. The Bonkers (2-1; Anthony DiMinno): Ant’s team did their best to not show mediocrity, and to their credit, they accomplished that well. However, the law of averages was at play here and based on their first two weeks, they deserved an L and got their first against Steve.  Performance wise though, a movement in the right direction. Now time to prove it in week 4 against Greg.

7. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (2-1; Jimmy Campbell): Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the best way to describe the start of Jimmy’s season. Jimmy has gone in points: 86, 147, 73 – to which begs the question, which version of Jimmy will show up against Pat? Will it even matter if Pat can’t get out of his own way? Tune in this week!

8. West Chester Horn Dogs (1-2; John Williams): Defense/ST are usually picked last in most drafts, as they will almost never win you a game, but they certainly can lose you a game. Unfortunately for our commissioner, the Jags brought the latter for him– and against Houston, ouch. Even though John has tumbled down the list, by sitting in the Montana division, he’s still in spitting distance of the division lead going into week 4.

9. The Price is Wrong B***** (1-2; Craig Stalowski): Craig, take solace that your team played pretty well this week, and even if you played Achane, you still would have lost to Evan. Just take this one on the chin and move on. If you continue to play like this, you’ll stack some more dubs this season, and it would be a good start against Josh this week to not fall any further on this list.

10. Sparta Waffle Eaters (1-2; Josh Tucci): Josh got that first dub on the board with Cousins, Brown and Cooper driving home solid performances. Thankfully for Josh, Pat’s group has been bitten by the injury bug to start the year which made things a little less stressful for his Sunday. An important basement matchup waits for him in week 4 against Craig.

11. My Name’s Not Rick (1-2; Pat Masur): With Aaron Jones ruled out right before kickoff, Pat was forced to start Craig Reynolds at RB, and I think it would have been smarter to start Craig Stalowski instead – and with that – I think you can guess how Pat’s week 3 went. But brighter days are ahead soon, Kupp is slated to come back in week 5, and Jones in week 4. Time to floor it, Pat.

12. Kirk Island (0-3; Sean Washington): So – Sean has Davanta Adams, and at this point in the season that’s about the only positive thing I can say about this team. There’s no excuses of injury either, just consistent bad play from this group. The only upside? 11 weeks to turn it around, Sean.