2023 Week 4 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (4-0; Nick Calabrese): Nick continued his unbeaten streak in week 4 as he cruised along ‘Victory Lane’ against Steve.  Now that’s not to say Nick’s team didn’t put up a solid performance, but Steve’s team was pretty bad so it was clear to see that the streak would continue this past Sunday. Nick looks to the “Drive for Five” against lowly Pat this week (sigh).

2. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (3-1; Jimmy Campbell): Dr Jekkyl and Mr Hyde were at it again this week, and much to the chagrin of Pat, Jimmy’s team flipped in personality and crushed it with a 150pt performance. Jimmy having a healthy CMC is practically a cheat code, but then you add Williams and Andrews putting up excellent performances – Pat had no chance in hell. Welcome back to the top, Jekkyl.

3. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (2-2; Evan Clayton): I mean Evan did alright, and alright was good-enough against Johnathan, as Evan brings a .500 record to his division. Things will not get easier for Evan in week 5 as he has a rough BYE week with his brightest stars – Allen and Herbert – out. Evan is hoping he can sustain an actual winning record and praying that Sean’s team goes back into a coma.

4. Return of the Revved Up Gator (3-1; Greg Flohs): A photo finish of two average horses in week 4 and Greg came out on top – thanks to mostly Jefferson, Moore and Dan Campbell not giving the ball to Gibbs. Greg’s team looks pretty good, and with a little luck, they’re now 3-1 with an aim to stay high on these rankings with a matchup against Josh in week 5.

5. Team Maxson (2-2; Johnathan Maxson): Things came crashing back to reality for John’s squad in week 4 as they fell just short of 100pts, and things could’ve looked much worse if it were not for (checks notes) the Seahawks D/ST. On top of all of that, things are not looking much brighter for Johnathan in week 5 as Godwin is on a BYE and Higgins does not have a high chance of suiting up this week. Maybe look to week 6, Johnathan.

6. Sparta Waffle Eaters (2-2; Josh Tucci): Kamara is back, AJ Brown put up almost 40, and the sun is shining on Josh’s team as he put up a rather nice performance in week 4 against a stumbling Craig. Josh has really pulled it together after a slow start out of the gate, and he looks to make it 3-in-a-row against a revved up gator this week.

7. Fantasy Football Team (2-2; Steve Katz): Things were looking so good for Steve after weeks 2 and 3; the cream always rises to the top and Steve is perennial cream in this league, but are there signs of curdling after week 4? Only 77 points and a .500 record after 4 weeks? I wouldn’t be worried. Up next for Steve is Team Maxson as they look to bounce over .500 once again.

8. The Bonkers (2-2; Anthony DiMinno): Mediocrity continues to creep into Ant’s locker room, and if it wasn’t for Nico Collins, there would be a stench lingering after week 4. After 4 weeks, Ant’s group is 10th in PF and without a little luck, their potential may not be much higher. Still plenty of time to turn it around, and that can start against lowly Craig this week.

9. Phoenixville Horn Dogs (1-3; John Williams): Lots to report on with our league commissioner after week 4. He got pounded by the worst team in the league, but his group still didn’t play too badly. However, now at 1-3 he decided to make a change and get in early on the awaited return of Cooper Kupp – and he sent two solid assets to Pat to get him. A risky play after starting 1-3 – when will Kupp return? Will he be just as dominant now that Puka has risen so quickly? A lot on the line here for our commissioner.

10. Kirk Island (1-3; Sean Washington): It’s like Sean’s entire team was in a coma to start the season, and in week 4, they finally came too. Not only did David Montgomery make a splash in TNF, but it feels like Sean’s entire team had season best performances (except the Steelers D/ST). The real question remains, is this an awakening or just a flash in the pan?

11. The Price is Wrong B***** (1-3; Craig Stalowski): Good news and bad news for Craig. Bad news first: he lost again, and his team did not look that great. Good news next: Saquon could be back in week 5 – let’s just hope the Giants use him wisely. The road to the end of the season is long Craig, but 24hrs in a Waffle House will feel longer.

12. My Name’s Not Rick (1-3; Pat Masur): Pat’s team finally cracked the 100pts club after 4 weeks – it should’ve been much sooner, but we won’t go into that now will we? Now back at the bottom – ONCE AGAIN – Pat looks to shake things up: Burrow is benched and Dobbs has been added from the wire, and Pittman and Conner have been added from shipping out a recovering Cooper Kupp. Plenty of time to turn it around with 10 weeks to go.