2023 Week 10 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (9-1; Nick Calabrese): Back to our regularly scheduled programming – Nick’s team did what they had to do to secure their 9th victory of the season. Nick can all but clinch the Brees Division with a win over Jimmy this week. With just 4 weeks to go, can Nick secure another stamp in the BFL record books with 13 wins in a season?

2. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (6-4; Evan Clayton): Now due to a couple of monster weeks, Evan’s group is now the highest scoring team in the BFL – by the way, the second highest scoring group in the BFL is: WHOEVER IS PLAYING PAT, WOOP-DEE-DOO ON THAT ONE. Anyways – Evan’s team had to endure what was essentially a cage match against Josh’s team. Typically, you’re not sweating out a matchup when you’re putting up 150+pts, but Evan’s team managed to come out on top. Now on to Greg in week 11.

3. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (5-5; Jimmy Campbell): Over the past two weeks, Jimmy has been the worst team in the league (great timing on that Jimmy, THANKS). One must think that things are going to turn around for this group, but it may not start this upcoming week with a tough matchup against Nick

4. Phoenixville Horn Dogs (6-4; John Williams): John had a horrible BYE week set up for week 10 – half of his regular starters were all on BYE at the same time. Out of desperation, John had to start Devin Singletary and Noah Brown, and they proceeded to give John 47 points combined thus propelling him ahead of Greg’s faltering team. What a gift from above that was. Now that the bulk of the BYEs are done for John, it’s full steam ahead to clinch a playoff spot.

5. Fantasy Football Team (6-4; Steve Katz): Steve had the fortunate luck of having Dak Prescott match the monster week that CeeDee Lamb put up. With Craig’s X-Factor player now neutralized, Steve just had to beat the rest of Craig’s team, and he got just that with a margin of victory of 8pts. Like a couple of other teams, if Steve wins in week 11, he’s officially marked safe from punishment, and likely punching his ticket to the postseason.

6. Team Maxson (5-5; Johnathan Maxson): Johnathan had a rematch against Goliath this past week and it did not go as well. John’s team performed at just about the same pitch in the prior week against Nick, but this time, it was not enough to get it done consecutively. Things do not look easier for Johnathan as he faces Josh; who’s coming off a monster disappointment against Evan.

7. The Bonkers (5-5; Anthony DiMinno): Ant’s team pulled it all together at the exact right time – namely Olave, St. Brown and Gibbs – as they drove home a victory over Pat in week 10. This very well may have saved Ant from punishment this year AND has given him some hope for the postseason. Timely victories at the most critical time of year. Can Ant make it three-in-a-row against Steve in week 11?

8. Sparta Waffle Eaters (4-6; Josh Tucci): Sigh – you couldn’t have put up 150pts against Sean? Out of all the teams that are under .500, Josh’s team deserves to be in this predicament the least. I still think Josh has a shot at making the postseason, but this next week is just about do-or-die for that chance.

9. The Price is Wrong B***** (4-6; Craig Stalowski): Craig can’t shake the looming darkness that is the basement of the BFL. His team is markedly better than its record, but things sometimes don’t work out the way you intend. On the positive front, Achane is slated to return and CJ Stroud is becoming a hot commodity to start off the bench.

10. Return of the Revved Up Gator (4-6; Greg Flohs): If I had a nickel for every time Greg was let down and lost because of his TE, I would have two nickels; which is not a lot, but it’s weird it has happened twice. This week’s candidate for disappointment? Pro Bowler Evan Engram. Things continue to fall fast for Greg and right now his only hope is Justin Jefferson returning to action.

Edit: Greg has now traded JJ and Joe Mixon, and Mixon proceeded to immediately go off – good job, Greg!

11. Welcome to the Waffle House (3-7; Pat Masur): In the two weeks preceding Pat’s matchup against Ant, Ant’s team was struggling to score 90pts, and Pat was hoping that trend would go 3-for-3. In typical Pat fashion, Ant’s team decided to drop 112 against Pat to skate to a .500 record. Top that with a BS victory from Sean’s team, and now Pat finds himself in another Punishment Bowl. LOVELY.

12. Kirk Island (3-7; Sean Washington): Sean’s team performed continued its performance trend for much of this year – not great, Bob. NOT THAT IT MATTERED, AS SEAN STILL WON. Now heading into week 11, a Waffle House bowl is upon us between Pat and Sean. No guarantee that this will decide who will be eating waffles, but it looks like a deciding factor.