2023 Week 9 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (8-1; Nick Calabrese): Well – the chickens came home to roost. It had to happen eventually, but it was a good run. But way to end it in underwhelming fashion, Nick. You really didn’t have to be all that great to beat Johnathan, but I guess you wanted to see what all of the fuss was about with playing badly. However, you’re still 3 games ahead of the rest of the league with 5 weeks to go, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

2. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (5-4; Evan Clayton): We had competition for the ‘Toilet Bowl’ by having the equivalent of a ‘PeeWee Fantasty Football’ matchup with Evan and John – as that’s about how good their respective teams played. But man, what a tight matchup as Evan comes out on top with 85pts and winning by a margin of less than 1pt! You have to take these kinds of wins when they present themselves.

3. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (5-4; Jimmy Campbell): Unbeknownst to Jimmy, he apparently purchased a ticket to the ‘Toilet Bowl’ this past week. Now if you get an opportunity to be in the ‘Toilet Bowl’, it could be a very good thing: you can stack a dub with a stinky performance. On the other hand, you could just lose and be really bad. Jimmy’s team was the latter for the ‘Toilet bowl’ as he lost to Ant’s 84pts. On to the next, Jimmy.

4. Phoenixville Horn Dogs (5-4; John Williams): Not that this writer has any stock in this, but this is the third week in-a-row where Cooper Kupp hasn’t looked great. To top that off, John could’ve won with just one more point from his group collectively, but instead fell in an important divisional matchup where the win could’ve come so easily. John now draws a matchup against a desperate Greg in week 10.

5. Team Maxson (5-4; Johnathan Maxson): Someone had to slay the dragon, and Johnathan’s team was up for the task. Thankfully, this past week, the task was not that hard as Nick’s group put up a mere 91pts. Johnathan has the opportunity to do another victory lap against Nick this week, but it won’t be easy with Aiyuk and Etienne back from BYE.

6. Fantasy Football Team (5-4; Steve Katz): Even with Gabe Davis doing nothing, and Walker, Waddle and Pollard stumbling through week 9, Steve got enough from Dak, Stevenson and (checks notes) the Brown D/ST. The Five Defense strategy seems to be working for Steve as it helped propel him to a tight victory against Greg. Now which defense to use for week 10?

7. The Price is Wrong B***** (4-5; Craig Stalowski): It really does suck when you’re the second-best team in a given week and you just so happen to be facing the best team for that week. Craig’s group has looked rather strong the last two weeks, putting up 120+pts against Pat each time, but unfortunately only came away with one win. Now that Saquon is healthy, I really like the look of this team; they team could be a dark horse to sneak into the playoffs.

8. Sparta Waffle Eaters (4-5; Josh Tucci): Josh – buddy – you could’ve done me a huge favor this past week, and I don’t think it was asking a lot. I just needed you to beat Sean to give me, and everyone else, a little more cushion. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. It’s time to fight back to .500, but things aren’t looking any easier against Evan this week either.

9. Return of the Revved Up Gator (4-5; Greg Flohs): I think it’s fair to say that Greg would like to take Gerald Everett and throw him in the garbage – as he just needed Everett to put up 6.3pts to secure a much needed victory – and he only got 3.8pts. With Jefferson still on IR, this former darling of the BFL has fallen fast, and they still cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel.

10. The Bonkers (4-5; Anthony DiMinno): Last week I said Ant needed a victory to move towards safety – and you know how like in Mario Party when someone is playing bad, the game just gives them Stars to catch back up? Well, that came in the form of a victory while only putting up 84pts. Ant is not out of the woods yet as he faces Pat this week, and a loss could begin to spell… Waffle House.

11. Welcome to the Waffle House (3-6; Pat Masur): After last week’s rankings, Pat’s team finally decided to get it all together. Not only that, but this group was far and away the best team in week 9. What a weird thing to be typing about Pat. It’s a good thing too; Sean won his matchup, but Pat still has a game in hand and has just leap frogged Sean in PF. These next two weeks are crucial for Pat to avoid the Waffle House.

12. Kirk Island (2-7; Sean Washington): Sean continues to keep his Waffle-less hopes alive as he threw down a decent performance that landed on a dub against Josh. Too bad for Sean – Pat won his game too and caught up in PF. As someone who has been punished multiple times and has been in this position before: ignore the teams you’re trying to catch, just focus on winning each week – then you may have a chance.