2023 Week 8 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (8-0; Nick Calabrese): Nick must be entering the league’s record book at this point: 8-in-a-row to start the season, clinched a playoff spot BEFORE November, and have been officially crossed off the Waffle House list. To top all of that off, Nick put down a few exclamation points by dropping 153pts in week 8. Can Nick make it 9-in-a-row against a boom-or-bust Maxson?

2. Phoenixville Horn Dogs (5-3; John Williams): Cooper Kupp has had two lackluster weeks in a row, not that that really matters for John as the rest of his team is just putting in WORK. Our commissioner dropped a respectable 127 against Josh this past week, and needed every last yard, reception and touchdown to edge out Josh by 1.4. A big divisional matchup awaits John this week against Evan.

3. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (5-3; Jimmy Campbell): Another predictable performance and another victory for Jimmy. Even with D-Hop sitting on his bench, having CMC is practically a cheat code for each week. The only thing missing from this team is a respectable QB, but I think good fortunes continue to find Jimmy as we approach the postseason in December.

4. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (4-4; Evan Clayton): Now that Joe Burrow is appearing to be healthy and remembering how to play football, that only means that Chase is performing like an elite WR again. Now take Herbert, Allen and Kittle doing well on top of that? No wonder this team secured a dub in week 8. Even at 4-4, this team looks scary as we’re now in the thralls of the second half of the season. This team could make a run if the stars align.

5. Sparta Waffle Eaters (4-4; Josh Tucci): Josh, remember when you were on the advantageous side of a nail-bitter the week prior? Well buttercup, what goes around comes around. Josh found himself in the nail-biting sequel against our commissioner and fell on the wrong side. On a more positive note, this team looks rather strong, and is being served Sean’s team on a silver platter in week 9.

6. Team Maxson (4-4; Johnathan Maxson): Even with Miles Sanders putting up a nothing-burger, this team played with some moxie. Not that it was really needed against Sean – but with the way this team has played this year, it was probably safe to put a little extra zip on it to make sure they got the dub. Now a true test of character approaches in week 8 against Nick.

7. The Price is Wrong B***** (4-4; Craig Stalowski): This win has probably saved Craig from a day of waffles, maple syrup and shitty coffee – granted he did face Pat; who cannot get anything right. And more potential good news for Craig, he gets to play Pat AGAIN in part II of a back-to-back. YIPPEE.

8. Fantasy Football Team (4-4; Steve Katz): A much better performance from Steve’s team in week 8, but still not enough against a rather strong showing from Evan’s team. This squad has some solid potential, but they need to put it all together to stack some more wins. A fifth win may be on the menu with a limping Greg in week 9.

9. Return of the Revved Up Gator (4-4; Greg Flohs): In last week’s rankings, I had some hope for Greg’s team, and his team proceeded to spit on that hope. Now 1-3 without Jefferson and a stinker week to boot, things are crashing down on top of Greg. On top of that Kirk Cousins is now done for the season, so if/when Jefferson returns, what does that mean for his value? Thankfully, 4 wins may be enough to keep Greg away from any humiliation, but the window for the postseason may start to close if he loses again.

10. The Bonkers (3-5; Anthony DiMinno): I think a third horse is entering the Waffle House race, and its jockey is Ant. This team has shown some solid promise this year, but there have been more than a couple stinker weeks too. Now as one of three teams with 3 wins or less, Ant is entering must-win territory with his next matchups. First is Jimmy, and then next is Pat. Things could turn south towards a Waffle House for Ant if things do not go to plan.

11. Welcome to the Waffle House (2-6; Pat Masur): Here’s the thing with Pat’s team: His starting lineup can never get-it together as a group. Half of his group will play at or above expectation and then the other half will just take the week off and waterboard his chances of victory. Pat and his team get a take-2 against Craig in week 9 to try to find that 3rd win.

12. Kirk Island (1-7; Sean Washington): Another Sunday, and another loss, but there’s a silver lining: Pat also lost. But in all seriousness, the outlook of this team looks bleak as the ESPN projected total for each week are not high at all. This team will either need a miracle, for Pat to continue to lose – or both. Mark your calendar for your matchup against Pat in week 11, Sean.