2023 Week 11 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (10-1; Nick Calabrese): Garret Wilson with not even 1pt? That ain’t no problem – that ain’t no problem. This team is looking poised for a deep run into the playoffs with no signs of slowing down. Nick wants his house money and even more on top of it, and with this squad, it’s his money to lose.

2. Phoenixville Horn Dogs (7-4; John Williams): John’s team is all back from their BYE and it’s time get back on their bullshit, and get on their bullshit was what they did – putting up 137pts against a tough performance from Craig. Now officially safe from the closest Waffle House to his new home, our commissioner looks to the postseason where he will be facing some tough opponents to climb the mountain top.

3. Sparta Waffle Eaters (5-6; Josh Tucci): Josh won what should have been the Waffle House Bowl against Johnathan – MUST BE NICE. Alright, calm down Pat, it’s a time of year to be thankful. Anyways, Josh managed to sneak out a garbage victory, and the thing about garbage victories is that they weigh exactly the same as diamond victories. Cash them now, and push to the playoffs.

4. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (6-5; Evan Clayton): Evan’s team played rather well, but like Pat’s unfortunate luck with Burrow, this unfortunate injury tampered Chase’s performance and most likely buried Evan against Greg. Honestly though, this team has nothing to worry about at this point. Focus on the postseason as this team is a solid lock to get invited to the dance.

5. The Bonkers (6-5; Anthony DiMinno): Did Ant’s team take a blue pill? Do they (as per their namesake) need to be bonked? Because what on earth is going on here? Another impressive week to propel them over .500 with 3 weeks left to go. Like in REAL football, getting hot at the right time is sometimes all you need, but can Ant’s team continue to stay hot?

6. Fantasy Football Team (6-5; Steve Katz): Just as it looked like Steve’s team was getting hot as we approach the postseason – his team cooled off severely in week 11 against Ant. Now with 3 weeks to go and a record above .500, Steve is essentially safe from punishment, so the real question: Will he find himself in the postseason of no-mans-land?

7. Team Maxson (5-6; Johnathan Maxson): Clearly hungover from his two straight matchups against Nick, Johnathan’s team decided to attend their own version of the Waffle House Bowl, and unfortunately, they came out bloated, sick, and beat-up – like many Waffle House guests. On to week 12.

8. Return of the Revved Up Gator (5-6; Greg Flohs): This league respects big moves and Greg made a big one in advance of week 11 by acquiring Smith, Ridley and Kupp and two of them helped him deliver the keystone to a victory against a powerful squad from Evan. Greg’s not dead yet as he sheds the shadow of JJ’s injury. Now he slots up against a desperate and heavily injured group from Pat in week 12.

9. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (5-6; Jimmy Campbell): Jimmy’s team cannot seem to get it together with a third loss in-a-row with less than 100pts in all of those contests to boot. Still 3 weeks to turn it around for the postseason, but also 3 weeks to still crash and burn into your nearest Waffle House – only time will tell.

10. The Price is Wrong B***** (4-7; Craig Stalowski): Golly, Craig’s group has put up 120+pts in the last 4 out of 5 weeks and only has two wins to show for it. Everything is NOT coming up Millhouse for this team. Trade deadline looms and so does the bottom of the league. Is a deadline move what is needed for this team? Or just trusting the process?

11. Kirk Island (4-7; Sean Washington): Sean’s team beat Pat’s and played well as he leapfrogs back over Pat with 3 weeks to go, but that does not mean Sean is out of the Waffle House parking lot. Now with 3 weeks to go, things can still go south. But as of right now – he is in control of his destiny. Will Sean fumble his destiny into a Waffle House booth? Let’s find out.

12. Welcome to the Waffle House (3-8; Pat Masur): Joe Burrow’s throwing hand fell off, so that only means trying to double dip with Tyler Boyd double failed – BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE, DOES IT?! – Aaron Jones got hurt again! And Sean’s team played really well! HOORAY, WHAT A WORLD.