2023 Week 12 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (10-2; Nick Calabrese): A second rare L for Nick in week 12, and honestly, Nick’s greatest asset and weakness is himself. He has built a juggernaut team, and he loves to wheel-and-deal, but the latter can get him into trouble as trading for Justin Fields at the deadline sealed his fate against Craig. Oh well, Nick has plenty to be thankful for and look forward to as the postseason approaches.

2. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (7-5; Evan Clayton): Evan’s team did just about what they were expected to do, and to top that off, John’s team was clearly too full from Thanksgiving. Evan is all but going to coast into the postseason; it doesn’t matter that week 13 is a tough BYE – he’s playing Pat after all. Don’t be surprised if the handsome doctor makes waves in the postseason.

3. Sparta Waffle Eaters (6-6; Josh Tucci): Kyler Murray is clearly not playing COD (yet) and the rest of Josh’s team is locked in because – wow – what a week 12 for this team. I will say this for many others in this week’s rankings, but it’s just about do-or-die time to make it into the postseason and things are not looking easy with Nick’s team on the horizon for week 13.

4. Phoenixville Horn Dogs (7-5; John Williams): John, this is what you get for trusting the Lions – I don’t care that they were 8-2 and facing a team below .500 – it’s the Lions. Even worse for you, 4 other players underperformed. If it weren’t for Allen or Hill, this would have been an embarrassing week. In any event, your 7-5, so don’t stress – at least not like me – playoffs are around the corner.

5. Fantasy Football Team (7-5; Steve Katz): Thank you, Steve. Thank you for beating the wheels off Sean – I needed that. Anyways, if Pollard and Dak can continue dominance, this team could be tough in the postseason in the coming weeks. Tough matchup this week against John’s team, who’s looking for a comeback.

6. Return of the Revved Up Gator (6-6; Greg Flohs): The only real downside to Greg’s luck recently is Cooper Kupp, and that’s about it. Everything and everyone are firing on all cylinders for this squad, and the sun is finally shining again. Could not be a better time either as the postseason push for many teams is in full gear.

7. The Bonkers (6-6; Anthony DiMinno): For this year’s Thanksgiving, Ant got Turkey, stuffing and a swift kick in the family jewels against Johnathan. Ant has still been one of the better teams in the BFL in recent weeks, but with a wide-open field he may need to win out his last two weeks to definitively secure a ticket to the playoffs.

8. Team Maxson (6-6; Johnathan Maxson): What a nail biter to end week 12 for Johnathan as TJ Hock brings back the dub on one of the worst MNF games of recent memory. Like many others on this list, the playoff race is getting tough with two weeks to go. Even though Johnathan beat Ant this week, he’s currently 2pts back from Ant on a playoff tiebreaker; down to the freaking wire.

9. The Price is Wrong B***** (5-7; Craig Stalowski): Craig may have saved his own bacon this past week as he has just about put the Waffle House in his rear-view mirror. Now sitting at 5-7 with plenty of PF in hand, Craig still has a shot at the postseason, but he doesn’t fully control his own destiny. Can Craig close out the year at .500 and sneak into the dance? It will have start against a floundering Jimmy in week 13.

10. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (5-7; Jimmy Campbell): Kyren Williams has returned from IR and with CMC not dealt at the trade deadline, Jimmy had a phenomenal week that led to an unfortunate L. Sometimes two outstanding players can carry you to victory, but when you play a team firing on all cylinders? Yeesh, that’ll be a loss. Still time to get into the playoffs, but even more important, one more win will officially mark you safe from Waffle House – or if Pat loses again (likely).

11. Kirk Island (4-8; Sean Washington): You haven’t escaped me yet Sean, but you are in control of your own destiny in these final two weeks. You’re safe as long as I don’t win, but other possibilities are thrown in the mix if I get a win or two. In layman’s terms, if you just match whatever I do, you’re good.

12. Welcome to the Waffle House (3-9; Pat Masur): FML.