2023 Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. CalaBreece Lightning (6-0; Nick Calabrese): Nick continued his supremacy in week 6 as he remained undefeated. Nick, are you tired of reading your own ranking first yet? I’m tired of reading myself as last, so you must be tired of reading yourself first – BUT I WOULDN’T KNOW FOR SURE. Anyways, buddy, please beat the wheels off Sean’s team this week – for me. Kthanks.  

2. Return of the Revved Up Gator (4-2; Greg Flohs): DJ Moore wasn’t going to save Greg again this week, and no one else stepped up, so Greg was forced to just open his legs wide for Nick. Until Jefferson comes back, there is a lot of concern for this team. Much like the NY Jets, you just have to steal some games until your star is back. Craig’s team could be a good start for that.

3. Ja’Marrvelous TDs (3-3; Evan Clayton): In the words of the prophet Eminem: “Snap back to reality”, and boy, reality hit just like a cold shower. Evan’s team dropped down 100pts from week 5 to week 6; not to say that isn’t all too shocking, but week 6 was a bit underwhelming as his team fumbled back to .500. Will Evan’s team define themselves as boom-or-bust? Let’s see what happens against Jimmy in week 7.

4. Fantasy Football Team (4-2; Steve Katz): Steve’s team returned to proper form in week 6 as they glided to their 4th win of the season against Jimmy. However, with Pollard and Prescott on BYE in week 7 and Deebo’s health in question, Steve draws an interesting matchup against a desperate Pat.

5. Phoenixville Horn Dogs (3-3; John Williams): When you have 3 players on your roster put up 25+ in a particular week, it’s hard not to win – and that truth held strong for John in week 6 against Pat. Not only that, but with Cooper Kupp looking healthy again, John may have the best WR core in the BFL. Now that’s we’re approaching the halfway mark of the regular season, can that carry him to the postseason?

6. Team Maxson (3-3; Johnathan Maxson): Message was received by this group after last week’s rankings because they just pummeled Craig’s team. Actually – correction – Mostert and the Vikings D/ST pummeled Craig’s team, and the rest of John’s group just sat back and watched like Caesar watching Gladiators fight lions. A big test comes up against Commissioner John’s much stronger team in week 7.

7. Sparta Waffle Eaters (3-3; Josh Tucci): Not a great week for Josh’s group, but hey, Sean’s team blew several things in week 6 so it was easy to just coast back to .500. All-in-all, I do like the way this team looks, it’s only downside now is Kirk Cousins at QB. If he can turn it around, this team could find themselves higher up the rankings in the next few weeks.

8. Gettleman’s Hog Mollies (3-3; Jimmy Campbell): So far this season: two of the weeks Jimmy’s team has looked like the best in the league, and the remaining four weeks they’ve looked like they’re sending him to Waffle House. In week 6, his team looked the latter. Will he be the best in week 7, or the worst? Let’s find out.

9. The Bonkers (3-3; Anthony DiMinno): “Welcome back Amon-Ra, you beautiful son-of-a-bitch” – Ant, probably.

Much like Johnathan this past week, Ant’s team washed the loser stink off them, and Amon-Ra carried them over the hump to secure the dub against Evan. My prediction for this group: I don’t think playoffs will be in the cards going into the second half of the season, but this win will be crucial to keep Ant away from the Church of Waffle House.

10. The Price is Wrong B***** (2-4; Craig Stalowski): Another L for Craig as he was hanging around with a full IR, and started two TEs against Johnathan this past week. I don’t think you have to look at the scoreboard to see what happened based on the previous sentence. Potential good news for Craig, Diontae Johnson could be back this week, and he is facing Greg, who’s not looking too hot without Jefferson.

11. Kirk Island (1-5; Sean Washington): Fields hurt, Montgomery hurt, and top that with 68 points, I don’t think there is enough Prozac to lift Sean’s spirits after week 6.  Now going into week 7, the weather forecast does not look good for Sean’s group as they are facing Nick’s undefeated team AND Derrick Henry is on BYE this week. Yeesh – maybe don’t check your phone Sunday Sean and just hope for a miracle.

12. Welcome to the Waffle House (1-5; Pat Masur): Not for a lack of trying, Pat’s group dropped to their knees against John’s team this week. All things considered, this team didn’t play too bad, and with Aaron Jones returning from injury and BYE, Pat has a solid opportunity to turn things around this week as there are a lot of winnable matchups on the calendar.

P.S: I would like to beat the person, who suggested Demercado was the slated RB1 for Arizona, with socks filled with bars of soap.